ArenaPlus: Lakers’ Coaching Changes and Challenges

Coaching Changes

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently undergone several coaching changes with significant impacts on the team's dynamics and performance. Since 2019, the Lakers have seen a transition in their coaching staff that has brought in new strategies and expertise.

  • Frank Vogel was appointed as head coach in 2019. He managed to lead the team to an NBA Championship in his first season. Vogel's record with the Lakers stood at 127 wins and 98 losses by the end of his tenure.
  • Despite initial success, the team decided to part ways with Vogel after missing the playoffs in the 2021-2022 season. Expectations were high, and a string of injuries alongside underperformance led to the team's decision.
  • Darvin Ham stepped in as the new head coach. His coaching experience spans multiple NBA teams, bringing fresh perspective and long-term vision to the Laker’s strategy. Ham emphasizes defense and team cohesion, essential factors the Lakers need to focus on.


The Lakers face several challenges that complicate their road to success. Addressing these issues is crucial for improving their standings and overall performance in the NBA.

  • Injuries: Injuries have plagued the team, disrupting the lineup, and creating inconsistencies. Anthony Davis and LeBron James missed significant parts of the past few seasons. More than 30 games were missed by each, affecting the team's capability to maintain a consistent run.
  • Player Chemistry: Constant changes in the squad have impacted the team’s chemistry. Integrating new players, such as Russell Westbrook, into the dynamics with existing stars like James and Davis needs time and effort from the coaching staff.
  • Defensive Issues: The Lakers have struggled defensively, ranking 21st out of 30 teams in defensive efficiency during the 2021-2022 NBA season. Improving defense remains a critical priority to bring stability.
  • Cap Space and Contracts: Managing the budget for player salaries poses a challenge. With high stakes on star players, it limits options for acquiring additional talents or strengthening the roster depth.

Looking Forward

Improvements lie in the strategies that the new coaching staff brings to the table. Success depends on how they address and adapt to these pressing concerns.

  • Establishing fitness and injury prevention programs could minimize missed games and maintain a stable lineup.
  • Building stronger teamwork and chemistry among players will enhance overall performance. Structured training and team-building exercises are necessary.
  • Focusing on defensive drills in training to bolster the defensive lineup and strategies will be beneficial.
  • Efficient management of the cap space and exploring trades or drafts for value addition without compromising the core team structure is essential.
  • The coaching staff’s ability to adapt in-game strategies and maintain high morale through challenges will play vital roles.

The Lakers' journey ahead involves tackling these challenges head-on, leveraging the experience of the new coaching team, and making smart, strategic decisions. For more insights and updates on the Lakers, visit ArenaPlus.

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